innoHealth Platforms

Taking innovation one step further

We develop new technologies to obtain the best ingredient combinations

The company has developed technological platforms for screening and studying the biological activity of potential cosmetics and dermatological ingredients, in order to respond to the increasing demand of new cosmetic and dermatological products with defined mechanism of action and efficacy.

Using this technology innoHealth can generate novel products with synergistic activities, saving costs and time.

innoHealth provides to the industry a new system, through Innovation Studio, to develop novel dermocosmetics based on natural products and a screening platform to characterize each single ingredient or combination (SimDerma).


SimDerma® is an in vitro multiparametric platform that, currently, includes 23 key dermocosmetic targets. Novel targets are always on the process of validation to be included in this platform. Therefore, a comprehensive screening system has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skin care products development.

The biological data obtained in SimDerma® are analyzed in Innovation Studio platform to identify synergistic activities between individual ingredients and to develop novel dermocosmetic products with superior activity for specific applications.

Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio is a platform that integrates data obtained by SimDerma® and it is used to identify novel combinations of individual ingredients. Its competitive advantage lies in the optimization of costs and production time, as well as the achievement of high quality and performance products showing attractive organoleptic properties.

The system implements an algorithm capable of calculating optimized ingredient blends for different applications, which include both the application originally requested by the customer as a series of sub-applications, which may emerge from the described combinations and are detected by the system.