What we do

innoHealth is a private company born with the aim of providing innovative solutions for Skin Care products development. Since the acquisition on 10th March 2020 by Evonik, one of the world´s leading specialty chemicals companies, innoHeath is in a much better position to realize their goals.
Bioinformatics Platforms

The innoHealth platforms, SimDerma® and Innovation Studio, are designed to screen and combine natural ingredients and extracts in order to generate novel IP protected cosmetic combinations with synergistic activities.

innoHealth and Evonik, together

Together, innoHealth makes Evonik stronger by screening the right products, enlarging the lab capabilities, enhancing the screening abilities and selecting the right products that show efficacy.

The secret

Team, passion and knowledge

We are innoHealth

The company is formed by a young, motivated and very well trained team capable of reaching any proposed goal. They are professionals from different areas and supported by senior scientific consultants with a strong academic and business background in biomedical research and Skin Care products developments.

The interdisciplinary knowledge allows the company to have more transversal approaches to give the best biological and bioinformatic solutions in the Skin Care segment.

The vision of innoHealth was to become a leading player of the therapeutic dermatology and Skin Care markets. Therefore, innoHealth has become part of Evonik in the Active Ingredients Product Line (Care Solutions)...

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SimDerma® is an in vitro multiparametric platform that includes 23 key dermocosmetic targets. Novel targets are always on the process of validation to be included in this platform. Thus, a comprehensive screening system has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skin care products development.
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Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio integrates data obtained by SimDerma® and it is used to identify novel combinations of individual ingredients. Its competitive advantage lies in the optimization of costs and production time, as well as the achievement of high quality and performance products showing attractive organoleptic properties.
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